First Snow of the Season

I don’t like snow…at all.  So when it started snowing yesterday, I was a little surprised that I was excited!  But I wasn’t excited for me.  I was excited for Seraya because it was something that she would be able to experience.  Last year, she was too small to even realize what snow was.  But this year will be totally different!  When it started around noon, I told her it was snow but she kept saying it was raining because as soon as it would hit the ground, it would disappear.  Plus it was more of a wintery mix than just snow.  After she woke up from her nap though, the ground was covered in white and big snowflakes were falling!  I brought Seraya to the back door excited to see her reaction and she said….”YUCK”  Like mother, like daughter!

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Time Flies

I can’t believe how fast time flies!  These last few months have come and gone.  I know part of it is because I have been crazy busy. And these last few months of the year are going to be super busy with holidays and birthday parties.

I have been trying to get new items  in my etsy shop but have been so busy with current orders that I am not doing so well.  The hardest thing for me right now is finding a way to balance all my responsibilities as a wife/mother while working part time and trying to have my own business.  But I really love creating things with my hands so I continue to try my hardest to find a way to make it work.

So what have I been up to lately?  Well, I have created a few things for Seraya to wear.  I didn’t buy her a costume for Halloween this year.  I wasn’t sure I was going to take her trick or treating with all her food allergies but decided to do it so she could spend time with her cousin.  So I decided to make my popular Girly Skull and Cross Bone shirt for her and I paired it up with a pink skirt and black leggings and boots.  We finished it off with a mohawk hat one of my good friends made for Seraya last year.  Which by the way are the cutest hats!   I have tried to convince her to open up her own etsy shop and fill it with all kinds of her crochet goodies but haven’t had any luck yet!  Anyway, Seraya went as a punk rock princess and I must say she was adorable!

I also made her a monster shirt.  My niece was having a monster theme birthday since her party was so close to Halloween.  Guests were invited to wear their Halloween costumes.  I wanted to make Seraya something different from her halloween costume so I made her the monster shirt.

This has been another popular one this year especially for Halloween!  I usually make it in a red fabric but decided to use a fabric that I had in my stash that hasn’t been used yet.  It is a blue and orange plaid and I love the way the monster shirt turned out!

I love seeing designs that I make in different fabric combos which is one big reason I love custom orders.  If you have anything you would like to see in a different pattern, please let me know!

I did get a chance to make one new item.  It is my Turkey Shirt.  I wish I would have gotten it out sooner but like I said I have just been so busy with orders!

Unfortunately the deadline to place orders for the Turkey Shirt and receive it by Thanksgiving was yesterday but I do have a 2T that is ready to ship to a good home!  Any takers?

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100 Sales, Possible Giveaway and an Interview!!!!

Hello to all my lovely readers…there is someone out there, right?  I know I have been missing in action but I have been super busy with all the orders I have had recently!  And I am still busy but I wanted to stop in and let you al know some things.

First off, I made my 100th salon October 17th!!!  Super excited about that!  So happy that I am doing so well with this.  Thank you to all who have made this and continue to make this possible!

Second, I would love to offer a giveaway for a shop credit.  I posted this idea on my facebook page but only one person liked the status and I have 94 fans.  So either you really don’t like my stuff or because Facebook has changed things so much, many people are not getting Seraya Sunshine facebook updates and didn’t see that post.  Either way, if you read my blog or are a fan of the page and want a chance to win a credit to the shop, let me know you are interested by leaving a comment here and if I hear from enough of you, I will have a giveaway…hopefully very soon!

Last, the lovely Citlalli from Sew Beastly interviewed yours truly for her Etsy Love feature!  You can find me talking about my typical day, my sewing and those people who inspire me, such as my beautiful daughter and the lovely Gussy, an amazing and inspiring woman!  So go check out Citlalli’s blog and check out her shop as well.  It is filled with all kinds of lovely accessories!

Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later but for now I must get back to work!

Have a lovely weekend!

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These are the Moments….

This afternoon Seraya’s heart was broken and she shed many tears…all because…..Minnie fell out of her crib!!! But I came to the rescue and saved Minnie and in return I was showered with hugs and kisses! Being a hero was definitely not on my list of things to do today but it was by far the most rewarding!

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Baking with Pinterest!

I have been in a baking mood this past week!  I have baked 3 times from last Sunday night to this past Wednesday!  I think 2 reasons for this is this chilly fall weather we have been having as well as my new found love for pinterest!

If you haven’t heard of pinterest, then you are definitely in for a treat! Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can save all the lovely things you find on the internet in one place.  My pinterest has boards for recipes, etsy favorites, quotes, fashion for me as well as decorating ideas for the home.  It has become my new addiction and time seriously slips away anytime I am busy pinning away!

Two of the recipes I made this week I found off of pinterest!  The first was for these yummy pumpkin brownies!

Source: via Shazia on Pinterest

These were absolutely wonderful! The perfect fall dessert combining chocolate and pumpkin. I made a batch of these to take into work and everyone loved them. There was just enough leftover for me to bring home so the hubby could enjoy them as well!

The second recipe I made was for some pumpkin muffins!  These muffins literally only have 2 ingredients…cake mix and pumpkin puree.

I believe it is a weight watchers recipe. With 2 ingredients in it, I knew it was something I wanted to try. I did add some mini chocolate chips in mine and I think they turned out great! They were very moist and super easy and the chocolate chips were the perfect addition! One of the main reasons I love this recipe is because Seraya can eat these even with her milk and egg allergies!  I just made her some without any chocolate chips and she loved them.  She was eating one the other day and saying “Mommy, yummy cupcake!”

I was not disappointed with the recipes I tried this week!  I can’t wait to start pinning some more wonderful recipes as well as other things.   Seriously, if you haven’t checked out pinterest yet, go do it. But please be warned it is very addicting!  You can follow me on pinterest here!

Tip Junkie handmade projects


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New Fabric Flower Pin

I am loving my new bag from Thirty One!   I love that I can carry a bag around with my company name on it!

However, it was missing something.  So I got to work and this is what I came up with!

Now I feel like it is complete!  And I have just added these lovely flower pins to my etsy shop!  The pins measures approximately 4.5 inches and are made out 10 layers of poly satin fabric.  The attached brooch pin allows you to place this on many different items, such as, your purse, shirt, coat, bag, scarf or pillow….the possibilities are endless!

I can also attach the flower to a hair clip or barrette as well.

There are many colors to choose from. It can be made in one color or multiple colors.  Here are the colors I currently have available.

And as always, if you have another color in mind, just send me a message.  I love doing custom orders!

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A Week’s Recap

I can’t believe this week is almost over!  The holiday weekend plus being busy with orders has just made time fly by!  Over the Labor Day weekend, I was busy working on several orders.  It was definitely a sports type of weekend because this is what I took to the post office on Tuesday.

The Cubs onesie was originally a request from a friend of mine but since listing the one I made for her, I have had several people interested in it.  And then it was no surprise to sell the 2 colts onesies considering the first game is this Sunday.  One of the colts onesies was made with “bling”- flower embellishments and the other was just made with circles cut out of the horseshoe.  The Cubs onesie can also be embellished.  It was so important for me to work hard on these onesie last weekend because I really wanted my little customers to have their shirts for the game!

It was so nice going to the post office with four packages.

I have been having more sales recently and am able to deliver them to the post office in a group rather than going as soon as an item is finished.  It helps with time management and it feels pretty good to take that many at once.  It just is proof of how my business, the thing I love doing, is taking off!

The 4th package that I mailed off that afternoon was this gorgeous necklace.

It is a burnt orange rosette with wooden beads attached to an organza ribbon.  The orange is my favorite color and this necklace is the perfect accessory for fall!  I can’t wait to start making more of these necklaces for the fall season.  What colors would you love to wear this season?

Last but not least, I would love to share something about my daughter!  We were playing on the floor the other afternoon, just rolling a ball back and forth between the two of us.  Seraya just stopped and with the biggest grin said “Momma, this is fun”  My heart just melted at that moment because it was such a genuine sentiment!  I love that my daughter can now express to me the things she is feeling.  And I also filed that memory to pull out some day, several years down the road, when she doesn’t think her momma is cool anymore!

Hope you all are having a great week….leave me a comment!  Let me know what your favorite fall color is…or better yet, just say “Hi”….I would love to get to know all of you!

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